Why coaching ?

As a leader you need Clarity of Purpose and Clarity of Thought. This is not easy to obtain when you transition into a new role or are in a situation of increasing pressure.

It is important to understand what you aim to achieve, to get a clear picture of the market and culture in which you are functioning, to weigh of your choices and leadership impact.

And you need honest and clear feedback on the effectiveness of your leadership.

Why Business, Leadership & Resiliency ?

Dave Ulrich (2015), in his book The Leadership Capital Index, sets forth the ambitious goal to create a measurable index that allows investors to investigate the effectiveness of a leadership team and leadership culture. An ambitious endeavour.

The index consists of 5 factors: what are your personal qualities as a leader? What is your grip on strategy? Can you (and your organisation) deliver the results you promised? Can you engage pivotal talent to build competitive capabilities? Does your organisation deliver on what the customer needs? Your coach needs to juggle all these areas together with you.

As a leader, you need to make sure you effectively transition into your role, build your team and manage stress to prevent you from derailing. (Check out these videos on That’s where your resiliency muscle needs to be built before it affects your personal leadership brand.

The choice of a CEO impacts up to 29% of business results, why should we chose you? Do you have the courage and skill to lead?

How do we co-create ?

We work together through observation, measurement and dialogue. The coaching process creates a fully tailored learning journey on effective leadership. You will have the courage and skill to bring your personal leadership brand to life. You can call on me for a Management Assessment, Executive Coaching and Consulting on Organisational and Team Development.

The contracting phase defines what we want to achieve and how we want to achieve it. This might include several stakeholder interviews, job shadowing and assessments helping you to decide on a leadership style that fits both you and your business objectives. Initial sessions are time intensive to allow for a more effective implementation phase, where I am your accountability partner in your transformation process.

So What ?

Your success as a CEO doesn’t only depend on your savviness to understand how to capture maximum value in your market, and translate it into a business model that brings high financial power to compete. It also depends on your ability to engage your organisation through the necessary change to behave in a way that serves the strategy, the customer and all societal stakeholders. It depends on your ability to build trust.

The engagement and trust necessary to compete on the market are created by leadership.

"The Definition of Genius is Taking the
Complex and Making it Simple".

Albert Einstein
Make it simple